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This Month in The School of Bravery - May 2020

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Masterclasses This Month:

How to Find the Hidden "Yeses"

Group Coaching with Emily Ann Peterson
Tuesday, May 12th at 12noon Eastern / 11 am Central / 9 am Pacific

There's that moment of silence right before you hear someone's answer to "check yes or no..." It's deafening and often painful. In this class, we'll look at some of the powerful ways you can make ANY ask and know that you'll get a "yes." For some of you this may look like product tweaks, sales strategy adjustments, or simply...

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Lessons from Dandelions on Defiance & Social Justice with Kate Fontana

Lessons from Dandelions on Defiance & Social Justice with Kate Fontana -

In this episode, we have to honor of sitting with Kate Fontana on her deck to enjoy some sunshine and chats about everything we can learn from dandelions about defiance and social justice.

Kate Fontana is a queer Catholic yogi, interspiritual midwife, and a sacred activist. She's also on our awesome lineup of guest faculty and provides our students with a monthly meditation. Be sure to catch the bonus training on how to use meditation to tap into your creative courage. ...

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Hope & Defiant Expectation During COVID-19 - How to Find It

Hope & Defiant Expectation During COVID-19 - How to Find It - The School of Bravery Podcast.png

The most underrated and overused word last month was "unprecedented." This month in The School of Bravery we're focusing on the bravery ingredient of DEFIANT EXPECTATION.

Take a listen to Emily Ann Peterson share some updates on the latest news and announcements from our community and give you some insights, new perspectives, and resources for finding your defiant expectation during quarantine and this season of bravery that is COVID-19.



About The School of Bravery

The School of...

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How to Have a Vision of Possibility for 2020 (Plus New Co-host, Danielle Hope Diamond!)

Youtube - Vision of Possibility 2020 - The School of Bravery -

We have such an exciting episode for you today! To coincide with last month's bravery ingredient of Vision of Possibility, I wanted to introduce you to someone very special: Danielle Hope Diamond

Danielle reached out to me to potentially become a guest expert of The School of Bravery and get interviewed on the podcast. However, after getting to know her very briefly, it became clear that she should be much more than just a one-time guest on our little podcast.

Danielle is our new podcast...

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