How to Have a Vision of Possibility for 2020 (Plus New Co-host, Danielle Hope Diamond!)

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We have such an exciting episode for you today! To coincide with last month's bravery ingredient of Vision of Possibility, I wanted to introduce you to someone very special: Danielle Hope Diamond

Danielle reached out to me to potentially become a guest expert of The School of Bravery and get interviewed on the podcast. However, after getting to know her very briefly, it became clear that she should be much more than just a one-time guest on our little podcast.

Danielle is our new podcast co-host for The School of Bravery! Hooray!

At the moment, she and I are hoping to release one joint episode like this one each month and one solo episode each. When we have appropriate guests to interview, we'll also release those as they arise too.

I'm so excited for you to get to know Danielle more as the year unfolds for us! I think you'll catch her unique Vision of Possibility like I have over the last month that she and I have worked together on all this for you! Enjoy!



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