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Is your business a recipe for triggering trauma?

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"Business + Trauma?!"


Trauma has long-term mental, physical, emotional, and financial effects that are often chronically permanent(!!!) For entrepreneurs with religious or other kinds of trauma, the demands of running a business create an exponential ripple effect, especially if dependents or employees are also in the picture. 

If you live with the effects of your trauma, then you know...

We're ALL working out our trauma. 

All. The. Time.

(In general, this is a good thing.)

Small business owners are no exception to this.

Entrepreneurs are *already* at risk for:

  • depression 
  • self-worth issues
  • chronic anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • addiction 
  • ADHD
  • bi-polar disorder
  • hypertension/heart disease
  • joint & circulation problems
  • sleep disorders, insomnia
  • vision-related problems
  • migraines
  • sexual or erectile dysfunction
  • hormone suppression

Entrepreneurs with *trauma* have a higher risk for:

Sources: National Center for Biotechnology Information, World Psychiatry, PsychCentral

  •  hypertension/heart disease
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • stroke
  • cancer
  • autoimmune diseases 
  • addiction, self-medicating, self-numbing
  • chronic anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • sleep disorders
  • night terrors, insomnia
  • hyper-arousal
  • easily agitated or angered
  • extreme startle reflex
  • disassociation, over-intellectualizing
  • cognitive disfunction, poor memory
  • excessive or inappropriate guilt
  • intrusive thoughts or memories
  • flashbacks
  • obsessive and/or compulsive
  • self-injury, self-harm
  • high-risk behaviors


But there's good news too:

Business owners get to choose...

Will we re-create our trauma in our businesses?


Will we practice flourishing after our trauma?



My name is Emily Ann Peterson (she/her).

I help my clients dismantle the undue influence of their trauma through the practice of empowered business strategy.

I believe that the economic structure paying your bills can be a daily practice of either unintentional harm or very intentional healing for yourself and your customers/clients. 

Here are a few ways my clients and I often spend time together...

  • smoothing out business trigger points
  • finding their recipe for replenishing bravery
  • creating templates for sustainable & creative growth 
  • building ethical marketing maps that don't feel icky

If any of that resonates with you, I'd love to chat about working together. I'm ready whenever you are!

Please note: Although I work with those who've experienced all kinds of trauma (big T or little t) my life experience makes me exceptionally well-suited to help others with religious trauma. 

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Heroes & survivors need a safe place to land.

Your business can be that place for you.

If you desire to feel confidence, integrity, and *ease* in your business... 

...then I'd love to talk about it!

How It Works:

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Let's chat & tailor your next steps to match your unique story & business.

Step 3: Build Your Bravery

Your bravery will feel easier as you intentionally practice it every day!

"Bravery begins one step at a time. It can be learned. 
The School of Bravery is a chance to discover how."

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“Bravery has many faces. It peeks out from under the covers of circumstances and wants to be seen, but fear chokes out our brave parts. Fear grabs us by the heart and mind and tells us lies that are easily believed. It’s a blanket that wraps itself around us and holds on tightly. Fear won’t let bravery shine.

Sometimes we need help to pull away the covering of fear and find the courage to be brave. Sometimes that help is a person: Emily Ann can be that one.

Bravery begins one step at a time. As it’s given the soil of courage and understanding, bravery blooms inside us and becomes large enough to walk under. I needed help to do that, and if you do too, this is the place to start. Bravery can be learned. Working with Emily Ann Peterson and The School of Bravery is a chance to discover how.”

author & business owner

Emily Ann Peterson

“Working with Emily Ann exceeded my expectations and beyond. She not only improved my project tenfold, but made me excited and confident before the launch. It’s been incredibly helpful to have her expertise, support, and valuable feedback!”

songwriter & actress

Emily Ann Peterson

“Emily Ann helped me work out the kinks while my business was in its baby stages. We discussed business names, branding, pricing models, and audience strategy. She has a laser-like vision of how to help develop and market your creative works for success.

author & creator of the Law Thriller series

Emily Ann Peterson

“I joined The School of Bravery after Emily Ann gave me a website audit and I was so excited, inspired and motivated that it was really a no-brainer. Doing brave things is easier now because I can recognize when I'm procrastinating, resisting or just plan scared. ”

author & educator

Emily Ann Peterson

“Emily Ann Peterson is a rare combination of inspiration and practical execution. Not your typical consultant, coach or singer-songwriter, for sure! She has a gift of seeing things and figuring out systems to see them through. She encouraged me to perform outreach (something I dreaded), and I’m so glad I did.

brand strategist & coach

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