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Does your feat of bravery feel almost possible, but just out-of-reach? 

  • Is your overwhelm or fear holding you back?
  • Do you want to really put yourself out there?
  • Do you struggle with Impostor's Syndrome?
  • Are you struggling to be bold and speak up?  
  • Does "the great unknown" feel terrifying?
  • Does the agony of it all make it feel not worth it anymore? 
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Even heroes need a safe place to land.


If you want your courage to feel confident and all-around easier, 

...then you need The School of Bravery.

What's *Your* Feat of Bravery?

Here are some highlights from past & current students:

Get The Promotion

Stop doubting your self-worth & skills.

Write & Self-Publish Your Book

Get coaching & accountability

Speak Up For Yourself, Finally

Use your voice unabashedly.

Launch Your Project/Biz/Product

Get feedback and creative ideas for successful implementation.

Balance Your Work & Life

Get holistically aligned & healthy.

Get Out of Debt

Learn how to actually enjoy the process too!

Stabilize & Automate Your Business

Get organized & find all the time and money you wish you had years ago!

Beat Your Burn-Out

Find your resilience & recover from a heavy season.

Leave Your Legacy

Your life's greatest work is waiting.

  • Emily Ann Peterson

    “Finding your voice is not an easy thing. Self-promotion is even stickier. Put the two together and, if you’re like me, you’ve created the perfect storm of overwhelm. Emily has rock-solid understanding of all things self-promotion, as well as an uncanny ability to break down even the most intimidating hurdles into manageable action items.”

    Etsy business owner & singer-songwriter

  • Emily Ann Peterson

    “I learned so much and have literally wasted thousands and thousands on other online courses which made so many promises that were not kept. I learned more truly impactful ways to improve my business in an hour with you than I have with others over the course of several months! ”

    founder, JLN Cosmetics

  • Emily Ann Peterson

    “Emily Ann helped me turn a fledgling idea into a exponentially profitable business! ”

    founder, Life With Herpes Community

How It Works:

Step 1: Enroll

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Step 2: Show Up

Introduce yourself to the community & mark your calendar for the next events.

Step 3: Build Your Bravery

Notice your bravery will start to feel easier as you practice it every day with intention!

Bravery begins one step at a time. It can be learned. The School of Bravery is a chance to discover how.

— Janet Haney, author & business owner

Our Founding Principles

Everything in The School of Bravery - our monthly curriculum, masterclasses, office hours, our community, even our software infrastructure - it's all centered around these foundational principles... 


Bravery is worth it.
Martyrdom is not.
Bravery can feel easy.
It's a practiced skill!
Bravery is contagious.
You are not alone!
Bravery is needed.
The world is waiting!

50+ Masterclass Replays in Our Archive!

Every month we host 2 brand new masterclasses and release a handful of replays from the archives. Masterclass topics are tailored to our students' most urgent needs and, of course, our Bravery Ingredient of the Month! These are a few frequently referenced student favorites...

Productivity Principles for Plate Spinners

How to Use Digital Minimalism to Maximize Your Bravery

How to Use Honesty to Find Stability & Sustainability

How to Sell Yourself With Unapologetic Generosity

Ingredients of Insanely Successful Sales Pages

Why You NEED to Improvise With Your Marketing & Social Media During Current Events

What You Get:

Our students get the top-notch accountability to build their bravery every day!

Here's what you can expect as a student...


Online classes & group coaching with founding faculty, Emily Ann Peterson and guest faculty so you can dive deep into the monthly bravery ingredient.
Community & Meetups
Join like-minded bravery students who are taking massive leaps in their life, career & creativity! Keep each other accountable. No one is alone in their courage.
Bravery Challenges
Stretch your courage muscles every week with a new thought-provoking challenge to practice making your feat of bravery feel as easy as possible!
Faculty Support
Our faculty & guest experts are available every week to assist you with making impossible feats feel possible. Ask your community, you are not an island!

Why Is Our Curriculum So Different?

We make your creative courage feel easier every day.

We do this each month by focusing on one of the 12 ingredients of bravery, as outlined in the bestselling book Bare Naked Bravery

Tailored Class Topics
Our twice-monthly masterclass topics are selected based on the current needs of students enrolled.
Monthly Theme
Each month the 12 ingredients of bravery outlined in Bare Naked Bravery.
Fearless Leadership
Our founder, Emily Ann Peterson, author of the bestselling book Bare Naked Bravery, practices what she preaches.
Flexible Support
Personalized 1-on-1 coaching is available for every preferred mode of communication: text, voice, writing, even drawing!


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Emily Ann Peterson

“Working with Emily Ann exceeded my expectations and beyond. She not only improved my project tenfold, but made me excited and confident before the launch. It’s been incredibly helpful to have her expertise, support, and valuable feedback!”

songwriter & actress

Emily Ann Peterson

“Emily Ann helped me work out the kinks while my business was in its baby stages. We discussed business names, branding, pricing models, and audience strategy. She has a laser-like vision of how to help develop and market your creative works for success.

author & creator of the Law Thriller series

Emily Ann Peterson

“I joined The School of Bravery after Emily Ann gave me a website audit and I was so excited, inspired and motivated that it was really a no-brainer. Doing brave things is easier now because I can recognize when I'm procrastinating, resisting or just plan scared. ”

author & educator

Emily Ann Peterson

“Emily Ann Peterson is a rare combination of inspiration and practical execution. Not your typical consultant, coach or singer-songwriter, for sure! She has a gift of seeing things and figuring out systems to see them through. She encouraged me to perform outreach (something I dreaded), and I’m so glad I did.

brand strategist & coach

Endless Possibilities!

How do you measure *YOUR* feat of bravery?

Our students proudly represent the following courageous statistics...

Bestselling Books
Career Transitions
Online Events
Business Models
Social Media Growth


The World is Waiting For Your Bravery.