Good Girls Talk About Sex & Context with Leah Carey & Emily Ann Peterson

Good Girls Talk About Sex & Context with Leah Carey & Emily Ann Peterson

Today we get to discuss something we haven't really talked much about on this show! It's kind of shocking really when you think about it. But Leah Carey is the perfect guest to pop this bravery cherry of ours because she is a Sexual Communication Coach!

In this episode, you'll hear Leah Carey and our founder, Emily Ann Peterson, discuss the importance of context to your sexual life, how Leah's context defined her brave sexual journey and blossoming, and other lovely tidbits that you will really appreciate.

We have a feeling you'll be hearing more from Leah in the future! There's so much to learn from the bravery of intimacy!



About Leah Carey

Leah Carey is a Sex Educator and Sexual Communication Coach who helps people learn to communicate about sex so they can get what they really want in the bedroom - rather than just tolerating what they’re getting. She is the host of the podcast “Good Girls Talk About Sex.”

Sexual freedom is a subject that is deeply personal to Leah because she spent most of her life being a VERY good girl. Most of the sex she had was either boring or painful, but she endured it because she didn’t know she was allowed to ask for anything different.

Having taken her own journey to sexual freedom, she is now passionate about breaking the silence, fear, and shame around women’s sexuality and pleasure, and redefining what it means to be a “good girl.”

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