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Before You Begin

Everything you need to know about your new role as a student in The School of Bravery: best practices, how to navigate your student library, get support, FAQ and more!


Calendar & This Month's Masterclasses

Check on the upcoming masterclasses and watch the replays of the latest ones before they go into the masterclass archives.


Guest Experts: Trainings & Interviews

Podcast guests, lecturers, and experts in their fields have generously offered their wisdom to the students of the School of Bravery. Expand your horizon or narrow your focus with these trainings and interviews.


Bravery 101

4 weeks on the basics of bravery for new students and those looking for a refresher. You'll cover the 3 forms of bravery, the reasons why we do brave things, how to practice anything, the 5 gifts of building bravery, the 12 ingredients of bravery, and how to create a board of advisors for yourself.


Masterclass Archives

Dive into the recesses of all the previous masterclass replays and notes from The School of Bravery.