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Queer Catholic Yogi, Interspiritual Midwife, Sacred Activist




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About Kate Fontana

Kate Fontana has dedicated herself to the beauty and mess of community building, justice, love, and spiritual & personal growth for all.  She is the founder of The Sanctuary NW and is bravely pursuing a Master's of Divinity at the Seattle School of Theology & Psychology. 

She is deeply informed by Catholic social teaching; inter-spirituality; rhythms of liturgy, bodies, and nature; Sacred Feminine traditions of Christianity and Yoga; an unexpected friendship with Jesus; and a theological blend of Harry Potter, the Bhagavad Gita, Battlestar Galactica, and the Gospels. 

Kate provides us with a monthly meditation to further your exploration of our bravery ingredient of the month!

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Bonus Interview:

How to Use Meditation to Find More Empowerment, Stillness & Imagination

Kate Fontana, our resident meditation teacher, spiritual advisor, and guest faculty member joins our founder, Emily Ann Peterson, for a chat about the benefits of meditation, how to get started meditating, and why meditation is a great tool for practicing bravery through your imagination and stillness! 

In this FREE bonus interview with Kate Fontana you'll learn:

  • what are the 4 biggest benefits of meditation?
  • what's the difference between 5 minutes and 50 minutes of meditation?
  • how do you know how long to meditate?
  • how to use the meditations Kate provides our students every month! 

Regardless of whether you've been at it for 3 minutes or 30 years, this bonus interview with Kate is an excellent foray into one of the most powerful tools available to deepen your daily practice of bravery building! 

Kate Fontana - 4 - The School of Bravery


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