How to Take Creative Risks as an Entrepreneur & Activist feat. HanaKyle Moranz of The Body Hotline

IG - How to Take Creative Risks as an Entrepreneur & Activist with Hanakyle Moranz

Today we get to meet one of our students! Hanakyle Moranz is the founder of The Body Hotline, a New Yorker, a body movement maven, and social justice warrior. She joins us to discuss all of that AND how she's feeling about launching a brand new product in the middle of a pandemic.

I think you'll appreciate her approach to compassionate entrepreneurship and her new 5 Minute Movement offering. For listeners and students of The School of Bravery, $10 off the monthly subscription (usually $30) use code BRAVE at checkout!



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More About HanaKyle Moranz

HanaKyle Moranz is the founder of The Body Hotline, a multidisciplinary bodyworker, and coach. She is a massage therapist, personal trainer, and yoga therapist since 2006, and shares inclusive tools for managing pain, increasing body awareness and maintaining an overall sense of health and wellbeing through mindfulness. She specializes in neurological conditions and knee injury rehabilitation. Recently, she’s become passionate about the value of breathing through the nose and the many uses for a tennis ball in this time when massage therapy is not an option for many.

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