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Because this month we're focusing on the bravery ingredient of Risk, it's the perfect time to talk with my business colleague, Fabienne Raphaël!

In today's episode, she and I discuss things like why risks are so important to feats of bravery, how your life can change for the better because of risks, and what it can look like to make risky decisions.

As a guest expert, Fabienne Raphaël and I also spent some time with students of the School of Bravery in a students-only guest expert training. In that training, she dives a little deeper into risky decisions by outlining the very first thing she recommends doing before taking a big risk. I highly recommend listening to that.

As always, students can access Fabienne's exclusive interview and the rest of our guest expert trainings in the library at http://schoolofbravery.com

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The School of Bravery is a learning lab for life, career, and creativity. Through monthly masterclasses, guest experts, weekly coaching office hours and so much more, you'll explore what it really means to "put yourself out there" and how bravery does not have to feel like a panic attack.

Visit http://schoolofbravery.com for more info!

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Fabienne Raphaël is a business building coach, speaker, and podcaster. She helps aspiring and underpaid coaches become highly paid experts by building their coaching business.

Her background in radio and television hosting allows her to conduct unique interviews on her top-ranked Marketing to Crush your Competitors podcast, where she has broadcasted over 295 episodes. Through the course of her career, she has even hosted her own TV show.

Fabienne has also shared the stage with John Lee Dumas, Chris Brogan and Sue Zimmerman, and spoke at the last New Media Europe conference in London.

She has been featured in Forbes, Inc., ABC, NBC, Thrive Global and Huffington Post, just to name a few, and has appeared on over 25 podcasts, such as CopyChief Radio and Entrepreneur on Fire.

Fabienne will be going to the next Pan-American Games in Lima as an athletes’ mentor with the Canadian delegation of 500 athletes. She will also be a judge at the next Changemakers Global Unite Awards in the category “Podcasters” in Sweden.

As a former elite athlete and physical therapist, Fabienne brings a high level of energy, radiance, and authenticity to lead her clients to live their true purpose and get paid for it!

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