091: How to Be Honest feat. Amber Hawken

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This month in The School of Bravery, we're focusing on the bravery ingredient of Honesty.

Of course, my Australian friend, Amber Hawken, is the perfect fit for this month's guest expert. Bold, audacious, and vulnerably strong are my go-to words to describe her. She's the author of The Unf*ckwithable Life and founder of the Calm Mind Project. She fits right in as a creative visionary. I admire her so much and am so glad she's here with us today!

In this podcast episode, Amber and I discuss, how we find our sense of honesty by removing all the filters we've acquired over the course of our life. We discuss the benefits of being angry and how we can use the friction we experience. If you are someone who's asked "Who am I without _____ in my life?" then this is the podcast episode for you.

In Amber's guest expert training, available to ALL students of The School of Bravery, she walks us through a super applicable method for deciphering between fear and intuition. If you're someone who's asked "Am I afraid of making this decision or is this my intuition telling me to make this decision?" then you'll want to check out that training with her.

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The School of Bravery is a business learning lab for creative visionaries. Through monthly masterclasses, guest experts, weekly coaching office hours and so much more, you'll explore what it *really* means to "put yourself out there" and how bravery does not have to feel like a panic attack.

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About Amber Hawken

Amber Hawken is the head of a small, multi-faceted Australian company serving multiple audiences within the business dynamic, as well as private and government institutions such as The Australian Defence Force and education systems within high schools and primary schools across Australia through Calm Mind Project. Calm Mind Project is an initiative based on building awareness, emotional resilience and empowerment within individuals through mindfulness and conscious purpose. The program focuses on building a deep sense of self-awareness and flow in their everyday life, teaching universal principles, practical cognitive behavior and emotional repatterning tools combined with spiritual philosophy through the attendance of retreats, online programs, her best-selling book The Unfu*kwithable Life and even one on one work with Amber herself.

Amber is an Australian country gal with a big, bold and audacious heart. A Diploma of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and a Deep State Re-Patterning Therapist are some of the professional qualifications and tools that Amber brings to her work around emotional, mental, and spiritual self-mastery, and she is the author of The Unfuckwithable Life and the host of the Podcast and YouTube series, Just Be You.

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