When Things Don't Go As Planned...

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Over the last 5 years, I've received two major health diagnoses that have drastically changed how I work & live.

  1. I can't exert the same physical effort without having my right hand go totally wonky on me. (Thanks Essential Tremor.)
  2. I also can't depend 100% on my physical energy, at least not while my hypothyroidism isn't getting the lab tests we'd all like.

Throw in more than a few depressive days and enough naps for 4 newborn babies, and you've got a very interesting work-life balance.

Yet I've still managed to:

  • move 4 times
  • close a business
  • start three more
  • write and release a bestselling book
  • go on a national book tour
  • care for an ailing family member
  • meet with clients
  • continue songwriting
  • and the list goes on...

I was fortunate to have the freedom to make some drastic lifestyle changes, like moving to an island without distractions. and I don't have any kids. Those options may not be in your future. However....

Here's what you CAN do that I've done.

I've become a BADASS at productivity, automating my life/biz/career, and getting resilient with bouncing back from the "Down Days." I've learned how to play the long game with all this and it pays! Some days it pays in the freedom to nap. Other days it pays my bank account (automatically, I might add.)

Today in The School Of Bravery, I'm teaching a masterclass on "Bouncing Back from Down Days" it's at 3pm CST. Enrollment starts at $25. You get way more than just one class and we'd love you have you join us.

I'll be teaching the best ways you can depend on your resilience to recover from the things that throw us off our game (i.e. the flu, depression, unexpected events...) We'll discuss productivity tips, contingency plans, and a few best practices that I've picked up over the last several years.

This class might be something you really NEED.

Feel free to email me privately any questions. I know this stuff can be hard to talk about in a public forum.


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