089: Finding Your Boundaries with Erika Amy Olson

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As a creative visionary, a mom AND an attorney, Erika Amy joins us to discuss this month's theme in the School of Bravery! We're talking about BOUNDARIES!! How to enforce them. How to know when to enforce boundaries, and how to reinforce them!

I met Erika at a songwriting retreat she and I both attended last month and fell in love with her spirit and general attitude about life and creativity. I know y'all will love her as much as I do.

Erika Olson is teaching students of The School of Bravery a mini-session on the basics of agreements and contracts! Bravery students can access the exclusive bonus training with Erika in their student portal at http://schoolofbravery.com


About The School of Bravery

The School of Bravery is a business learning lab for creative visionaries. Through monthly masterclasses, guest experts, weekly coaching office hours and so much more, you'll explore what it *really* means to "put yourself out there" and how bravery does not have to feel like a panic attack.

Visit http://schoolofbravery.com for more info!


Keep in Touch with Erika Olson

She currently lives in London with her husband and 3 children. They moved to London from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend, a rebel, a seeker, a light chaser, a book reader, an activist, a philanthropist, an attorney, a dancer, a baker, a music lover, a nature girl, a truth sayer and among many other things a singer and a songwriter.

She writes songs about life - they may be folksy, bluesy, country, poppy - who knows. But they are songs about life as she has lived it, seen it, heard it, and felt it.




Keep in Touch with Emily Ann Peterson

Emily Ann Peterson is a singer/songwriter and bestselling author of "Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous." She also founded The School of Bravery where she teaches bravery skills to creative visionaries. Her audience is found in Fortune500 companies, concert venues, bookstores, and living rooms around the world.






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