056: Your DNA for Meaningful Work, Courage & Clarity with Steph Crowder


I'm so excited to feature Stephanie Crowder today! She's been a member of the Fizzle.Co Team for a couple years and I'm an avid fan of theirs! You'll find out more about that in a bit. More importantly to today's conversation, Stephanie recently started a gem of a podcast called "Courage & Clarity." In fact, she interviewed me for it and recently published those episodes too!

Today, she and I talk about duh, courage & clarity and how they play on each other and balance each other out. We also chat about how we can find that courage and clarity to do meaningful work in the world. It's so good. I know you'll enjoy hearing her own personal experiences and learning curves because she's got a great perspective as a new mom, and a workin' career gal who recently "jumped ship" to join a smaller team.

Towards the end of our chat, Steph and I talk about this killer guide and workbook that she's pulled together for you! The link for that and anything else we mention are in the show notes for this episode over at barenakedbravery.com

I love this gal and I know you will too. Let's jump on in and talk with Steph Crowder.

Brave Take-Aways

Okay, so beyond your Bravery Bundle, your Brave Take-Away from today's show is... to hop into the Bare Naked Bravery facebook group and tell us a couple favorite ways YOU find clarity in your life. Is it reading a certain book? Is it talking a certain person? Is it asking yourself a series of questions like the ones Steph mentioned?

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