057: How to Be Wrong & Stay Listening with Andy Zook


Today we have the extreme pleasure of talking with Andy Zook of the band "Bears & Other Carnivores." Andy and I met because our mutual friend (who is also a member of the Bare Naked Bravery community) invited both Andy and I to perform a couple songs for a little backyard garden concert several weeks back. While I was *totally* enjoying Andy's songs, Tos, our mutual friend, pulled me aside and said "You've GOT to have Andy on Bare Naked Bravery. Your podcast and his podcast are two I listen to religiously! He'd be perfect!"

And of course, the Bare Naked Bravery community never lets us down! Nominations are the way we get soooo many of our amazing guests on the show and today is no exception!

So yes, Andy also has a podcast. It's called "Bad at Parties" and I know you'll love it too. Remember, as always, all the links to the things we mention today will be in the show notes for this episode over at barenakedbravery.com

I also know you'll love today's chat because we're covering topics like how to put yourself out there as an artist, how to reconcile the fact that you're probably doing things wrong, how to be wrong and still stay listening to your audience. and we also dive into a topic that is near and dear to me: advocacy and art.

Without further ado, I give you Andy Zook!

Brave Take-Aways

Okay, so beyond your free Bravery Bundle, your Brave Take-Away from today's show is kinda strange. As an experiment, I'd like you to pick something, safe of course, but see what happens when you do something wrong. Can you stay listening? Does your ego take over? Will you try to explain yourself and hold your ground? Just observe what happens and then hop into the BNB facebook group to tell us what went down and what you noticed!

Andy and I will be in there waiting with baited breath and listening ears for your stories!

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