061: Forging a Way for Yourself & Your Art with Choreographer Karin Stevens


Karin Stevens of Karin Stevens Dance, or KSD for short, is someone who I deeply admire. That has been true for a very long while. She and I got started in the Seattle art/music scenes at about the same time and we worked on a project together that became something really wonderful, for both of us separately and also together.

I know you'll really appreciate how caring and thoughtful and eloquently Karin speaks about some of these subjects we cover today. We cover what it means to forge a career for yourself, how to dance with the dark-side of making art, what it means to value yourself when things aren't going as well as they could be going, and why movement is so important for the world.

If you've ever had those really powerful internal dialogs of "What does this all mean?! and why am I even doing this?!" Then this is the episode for you my friend.

As always, links to the things Karin and I mention are in the show notes for this episode over at barenakedbravery.com - and Karin is already in our Bare Naked Bravery Facebook group. So if you've got follow-up questions, go for it! She and I already have plans to make a follow-up episode for you too! So keep your ears to the ground.

However, today we have a conversation that I know you'll drink fully and deeply. Karin's story contains things we allll go through...

Brave Take-Aways

I'm so glad Karin got to join us for that! and I know she and I are already working on carving out some more time to make a follow-up episode for y'all.

In the meantime, your Brave Take-Away for this episode is to hop into the Bare Naked Bravery Facebook group and tell us all about your own "dark night of the soul" I know we all have them. I know we all could use a little magic and seeds of wisdom from each other, so please share with us some of the ways you found your way back to purpose, meaning, and living and making art.

To join the community, click here: http://barenakedbravery.com/join

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