062: Life Lessons & Storytelling with Deepak Ramola


Today we're chatting with Deepak Ramola who is the Founder & Artistic Director of Project FUEL. FUEL stands for: Forward the Understanding of Every Life Lesson. The organisation collects life lessons from people of all ages and backgrounds around the world.  and so through his methodology Deepak teaches human wisdom.

In essence, Deepak collects little bits of wisdom from all over the world and that's what he's here to share with us!

Please take a minute to check out his TEDx talk, his website, and to submit your own life lesson on his site! All those links are in the show notes for this episode.

Towards the end of this recording we had some tech elves jump into the call.

Brave Take-Aways

Okay, your Brave Take-Away from today's show is to hop on over to Deepak's website www.projectfuel.in and submit your own life lesson. Like he mentioned, he's got a goal of collecting 1 million life lessons and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you've got some to add. After you officially submit your life lesson, hop into the Bare Naked Bravery facebook group to share it with us too!

We'd love to hear all about your favorite parts of today's Bare Naked Bravery. You can find Deepak and myself on facebook, twitter, instagram, and more. Go ahead and tag us so we can cheer you on and see what you're up to.

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