064: Radical Acts of Stillness & Writing with Albert Flynn Desilver


Today's episode is a gem of an experience. We've got Albert Flynn Desilver with us and we're got really deep on some subject matter that is relevant to ALL of us, regardless of art form or communication mediums.

Albert just published this beautiful book called "Writing as a Path to Awakening: a Year to Becoming an Excellent Writer and Living an Awakened Life." I highly recommend that you dive into this book with me. I can tell it was crafted with such care for us writers and intentional humans.

If you're not familiar with Albert's work, he  is an internationally published poet, memoirist, and novelist. He's a highly regarded and sought-after speaker and workshop leader. He's taught and presented with folks like Elizabeth Gilbert, Cheryl Strayed, Maxine Hong Kingston, Michael McClure, and U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan among many others. You'll hear snippets of other really impressive feats of career bravery and experience throughout the rest of this conversation.

As always, links to everything Albert and I talk about today are found in the show notes for this episode over at barenakedbravery.com

Grab a cup of tea, pull up a chair and let's dive in with Albert Flynn Desilver!

Brave Take-Aways

In honor of Albert's beautiful book, your Brave Take-Away from today's show is to do a 10 minute freewrite exercise on the subjects we talked about today. Then hop into the Bare Naked Bravery Community Facebook group to tell us what bubbled up to the surface for you?

We'd love to hear all about your favorite parts of today's Bare Naked Bravery. You can find Albert Flynn DeSilver and myself on facebook, twitter, instagram, and more. Go ahead and tag us so we can cheer you on and see what you're up to.

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