067: How to Find Wonder & Mystery Within Bravery with Mel Schwartz


I've really been looking forward to having someone one the show to talk about Imagination and specifically how that looks in quantum physics. Now, before you tune out and roll your eyes about either science or magical mysterious stuff that we typically have a hard time explaining, I want you to know this stuff really does matter.

We see so much pain and suffering in the world and it's easy to get caught up in the sameness and finite path that our culture is going down. This is exactly why I invited psychotherapist and author Mel Schwartz onto the show today. He just wrote this book called "The Possibility Principle: How Quantum Physics Can Improve the Way You Think, Live, and Love" It's a fantastic place for someone to dive into this subject matter and really learn how to use the knowledge it can offer us.

Mel and I chat about the power that lies behind doors that we're nervous about opening. We talk about the mysteriousness of synchronicity, and how to lean into your intuition. We talk about how much we need to infuse more wonder into our lives, and how that curiosity can flip on huge light bulbs or even just soften dark, scary seasons of life.

Mel is the perfect person to talk about this stuff because he's one of the few practicing psychotherapists who is integrating these principles of quantum physics into a psychotherapeutic approach. He knows how to apply this stuff to the every day even though his graduate degree is from Columbia University. He's authored a ton of other articles and books on subjects around these concepts, so he knows what he's talking about.

Brave Take-Aways

Today's Brave-Take away is to do a mini writing session on your own. Take a moment that happens to you almost every day. This could be making coffee, walking the dog, etc. For 5 minutes, write and describe that moment as it happens, step by step. Then duplicate that little paragraph, but insert the word "wonder" as many times as you can. Maybe you change the statement from "I take the brewed coffee and then I poured the cream" into "After taking the brewed coffee, I wondered what could happen when I stir the cream." Basically, I want you to take something monotonous and turn it into something magical. Maybe the presence of the word "wonder" in your writing, totally changes everything? If that's true, then I wonder *wink* what could happen for all of our lives if we infuse wonder a little more often...

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