ps038: How to Plan for Seasons of Bravery


When I look back over my life, I can see just how powerful planning for seasons of bravery can be. That being said, I've gotten really burned by making some really audacious goals and not being able to attain them.

There's an art to making plans, especially plans that you can stick to. That's what this week's Bare Naked Bravery podcast episode is all about: how to plan for seasons of bravery!

Obviously, the end of the year is the time where a LOT of folks are making new year's resolutions and preparing for the next year. It's a good thing to do. However, most folks end up quitting those resolutions within the first week. Been there. Done that!

So I've created a new workshop on How to Conduct Your Own Season of Bravery Ritual for this very purpose. It's filled with several stages of rituals which build into planning and mapping out your desired goals. The workshop has a guidebook, and video If you're interested in what we talk about on today's episode, then

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