ps039: A Powerful Recipe & Exercise for Guaranteed Improvement


This week I needed to hop on a soapbox. I saw a quote the other day attributed to the lovely Brené Brown which I (shockingly) disagreed with. Normally, I love Brené's work, but the quote I read of hers did not sit right with me.

So in today's podcast episode, I outline why I disagree and how I would've said what she said a little differently. It is my belief and I've witnessed this to be true in countless environments, that we MUST constantly evaluate ourselves in order to have constant improvement. Holding ourselves against the standards of our defiant expectation is imperative to nurture the growth and progress we hope to see in the world.

I also know it's super important to not just constantly evaluate yourself but to also clearly outline how that improvement could occur. We don't need to give ourselves rejection, we need guidance and encouragement. But we can't give quality guidance and encouragement without identifying our current situation and where we expect to go.

Also in this episode is 1) how much I really do love Brené Brown's work and 2) an exercise that you can do at home to practice this new method of constant improvement.  Enjoy!

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