070: How to Find Abundance Within Your Constraints with Catherine Rains


Over this last year, in anticipation of my book publishing later this month, I've appeared on a lot of podcasts as a guest. One of my favorite interviews to be a part of was for the Courage & Clarity podcast, hosted by Steph Crowder. Love her.

Well, Steph also released another conversation with someone whose story exemplifies so much of what we talk about here on the show that as I was listening to it, I was thinking, "The Bare Naked Bravery folks need to hear this. Wouldn't it be so cool to get to talk with her?!" Well, fate would have it that I was driving at the time and forgot to write down "Contact Catherine Rains" on my to-do list.

But evidently, Catherine was thinking the same thing and contacted US! So you guys, this is gonna be a great story about growing up with a bi-polar parent, quitting your job for art, battling cancer, getting divorced, and then quitting your job again to go back into art full-time.

Catherine Rains is the artist behind @TheHotelArtist on Instagram - go check her out, because not only does she have a phenomenal story, but her work is wonderful too.

One of the things I love most about Catherine's story is how level-headed she is, which is really a testament to how not-chaotic bravery can sometimes be. I think it's easy to forget that even though you're accomplishing great and wonderful things, that you can still have your wits about you and not lose your sanity. So get ready to listen to a wildly sane and grounded story of being a visual artist with extra doses of hutzpah.

Brave Takeaway

Beyond your free Bravery Bundle (which is always available at emilyannpeterson.com/join) your Brave Take-Away from today's show is to go get yourself covered in color! Go paint, doodle, or draw something - anything. Especially if you're not an "artist type." Stretching yourself to operate in a different brain function is epically helpful.

And if you're feeling extra showy, everyone in the Bare Naked Bravery Community would love to see what you came up with, especially after listening to Catherine's story. You can find Catherine Rains and myself on facebook, twitter, instagram, and more. Go ahead and tag us so we can cheer you on and see what you're up to.

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