ps040: How to Make Space for Powerful Moments (1)

In reaction to how close the publishing date for my book was the other day someone asked me, "Are you just so proud of yourself?!"  The question caught me off guard because if I'm being honest I wasn't proud of myself. I wasn't proud because I hadn't taken time to feel that yet.

So after taking a couple days to continue with all the busy hubbub of all this book release excitement, I also took some time to feel the full effect of attaining a really huge milestone for myself.

Regardless of how this book turns out or is received in the world, I know that publishing a book is no small feat. That alone is worthy of feeling the pride and joy of accomplishment.

So that's what today's episode on the Bare Naked Bravery podcast is all about: How to Make Space for Powerful Moments. And just so you know, these suggestions apply to not only the mountain-top experiences but also the low, dark, scary moments too. So regardless of what kind of Season of Bravery you find yourself in, this episode is for you...

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