076: How to Edit Your Writing with Powerful Authenticity - Q&A with KARIN STEVENS


Today we have a sequel episode with Karin Stevens! (If you haven't listened to her previous episode, I dropped a link to it in the show notes for this episode.) Karin is a choreographer based in the Seattle area. It turns out that she's been doing more writing lately and she sent me an email the other day with a question. I immediately knew this question should become a podcast episode.

Her email was perfect timing too because I had a lightbulb moment the other day. Once a month, I'd like to feature one of these Q&A episodes with either a client or colleague about that month's theme. I'm super excited about this because if any of the future Q&A episodes turn out as beautifully as Karin's then we've struck gold.

So yeah, Karin and I had a gold-level conversation today all about her current self-promotion anxieties, mainly how to make the right editing choices while still staying true to your voice. She asked me about my writing boundaries, my editing process for both book writing and songwriting, and my bravery equation for adjusting how I'm saying what I need to say.

Before we jump into today's Q&A conversation, please know that if these topics are of interest to you, then I want you to take the free masterclass on overcoming self-promotion anxiety. It's a super in-depth exploration and explanation of what is behind self-promotion anxiety and some of my favorite ways to conquer these anxieties, especially during seasons of bravery (like depression, emotionally tender/thin days, and high stress.) When we're in a state of fear, it's really difficult to make confident decisions when our physical, emotional, relational, and career environment does not foster those confident choices. In the masterclass, I walk y'all through the best method to short-circuit those stressors and overcome self-promotion anxiety.

The class is free and there's a registration link in the show notes for this episode and on my website at emilyannpeterson.com/workshops.

Okay, so in celebration of that exploration and conquering of self-promotion anxiety, let's buckle up to chat about the value of an authentic editing process with your creative works. Please join me in welcoming powerhouse choreographer Karin Stevens!


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About Karin Stevens

Through performance works and community events, KSD creates space for building connections. As a radical and vital art, dance can act as a key to our future sustainability. We commune, collaborate and converse through dance to remember that to be fully human we must move and create.

Founded in 2009 by Karin Stevens, KSD has performed locally at Velocity Dance Center, Fremont Abbey, Burien Performing Arts Center, Taproot Theatre Company’s Isaac Studio Theatre, and Edmonds Community College, and toured regionally to the O'Shaughnessy Center (MT) and Dennison Theatre (MT) among others.

As an advocate for live and original music, KSD has collaborated with award-winning composers, Glacier Symphony and Chorale, String Orchestra of the Rockies, Northwest Symphony Orchestra, UW Chamber Singers, Simple Measures, Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble, and the Sam Boshnack Quintet.

KSD has received support from Seattle Mayor’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, 4-Culture, Microsoft, Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG, Glenn H. Kawasaki Foundation, Case van Rij, The Plautz Family, The Dantzler Family, The Burgs, The Lanier Family, as well as individual donors and monthly sustainers, and through Velocity’s Creative Residency Program.

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