078: Hiding Under Desks, Prioritizing Pain & Other Hard Things with Jessica Ribera

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Today we have an awesome nomination as our guest! I always love it when things like this work out, and I just have to thank Jessica Ribera for being so willing and open to jump into our conversation so blindly.

Jonny, a former bandmate of mine, nominated Jessica Ribera for today's episode. She and I talk about the moments we share while dealing with our respective pains and losses. Jessica lost her ballet career. I lost my career as a cellist. Today we both find ourselves using the word writer as a self-descriptor.

Before you go and think this is gonna be a sob fest of an episode, it's not. Jessica and I both retain our emotional sobriety today, however we do talk about the moments we denied our lack of emotional sobriety and instead tried to numb or deny the pain we were so vividly fighting to feel. We talk about writing. We talk about being honest. We talk about career-ending injuries. We talk about gaining, losing, and regaining our vision for the possibility.

Y'all. This is such a good, honest, discussion. Thank you Jonny for nominating Jessica Ribera to join the Bare Naked Bravery community.

On that note, if you have someone you'd like to nominate for the show - go for it! You can visit barenakedbravery.com/be-our-guest and submit your person right now. We ONLY feature guests who've been nominated on the show. We do this because it keeps things real and it keeps us talking about the resonant bravery we see all around us.

If you're curious about what resonant bravery is, go read my book (available on Amazon right now in all formats!) I talk alllll about resonant bravery in the first third of the book. If you're listening to this episode now and haven't read the book yet, there's a good chance that you should go get yourself a copy.

Okay, back to Jessica Ribera. You're gonna love her. Her writing has been featured on Scary Mommy, The Mighty, and Feminine Collective. She's a business school grad, doula, mom, and soooo much more. Most of all she's real. and like we say later in the conversation, even though her pain is uniquely hers, pain is pain and we've all experienced the dull ache of some version of it. Sharing it together can make it more manageable.

Please enjoy my brand new friend Jessica Ribera!

Brave Take-Aways

Beyond your free Bravery Bundle (which is always available at barenakedbravery.com) your Brave Take-Away from today's show is to pop into the Bare Naked Bravery Community facebook group and share your "hiding under the desk" moment. What was it? When did you know you needed to make a change? What was that change?

We'd love to hear all about it AND your favorite parts of today's Bare Naked Bravery. You can find Jessica Ribera and myself on facebook, twitter, instagram, and more. Go ahead and tag us so we can cheer you on and see what you're up to.

More About Jessica Ribera

At 17, Jessica moved from Texas to Seattle all by my big self to dance at the Pacific Northwest Ballet. 3 years later a stage accident changed her plans. Fighting her way back to the belief that her creative efforts matter and that she STILL is a dancer and creator in spite of a career-ending injury has been the central lens for her learning, personal development, and (most crucially!) desire to love and empower others for the past 13 years. She's been a dancer, business school graduate, art advocate and curator, board member, mother, doula, chronically ill person, and whatever else, but she's really only ever trying to find new ways to be truthful, useful, and kind.

Writing, once only a coping mechanism, finally asserted itself as new passion and goal, though learning to call herself "writer" has required her to face her fear of giving herself to an art form again. The loss of ballet was terrible, but in her writing she sees that the gains might, MIGHT, just have been worth it. She's currently shaping a memoir of her time as a dancer, the loss, and the ongoing recovery. Her writing has appeared on Scary Mommy, The Mighty, and Feminine Collective, but all the good stuff is at jeskybera.com.

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