ps047: The Upside of Taking Risks

This week I'm preparing to leave my temporary home base of Atlanta to venture out into over 45 days of book readings, live performances, and workshops throughout the US. (All the dates and details are here:

Since this month's theme in the School of Bravery and here on the podcast is Risk & Rejection, I thought I'd take a couple minutes before packing up my suitcase to talk about the upside of risk and the benefits it offers. Here are the 4 main topics I unfold in this episode:

  • Don't let your fear of taking risks sabotage your potential.
  • The exhilaration of risk can train you to transmute your anxiety into momentum.
  • Saying yes to risk is also saying yes to possibilities you can't yet imagine.
  • Risks require you to stay grounded in areas of your life that otherwise might float away.

You can listen it all below...

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