029: Growing Up in Foster Care & Busting the Myth of "The Starving Artist" with BRIDGETTE MAYER

Growing up in foster care & busting the myth of the starving artists

You guys. Bridgette Mayer is here on the podcast today. If you're not in the visual art scene then she might not be on your radar. That is until today.

To say Bridgette had a rough early childhood is an extreme understatement. She is a product of the New Jersey foster care system and has some horrifying stories to share about what that was like. Fortunately for her (and us) she was adopted by a wonderful family who helped to completely change the way her life has unfolded. 

In today's episode she and I talk about the role fear has played in her success. We talk about the importance of our decisions and attitude. She tells us a little about why her industry frustrated her and how she has strived to create a new version of it for herself and the artists she represents. 

We also get to talking about the myth and reality of "The Starving Artist" and how our mindset and asking the right questions play a role in how we can begin to do things uniquely. And if you're an artist (visual, musical, or otherwise) you'll want to listen towards the end when she and I talk about the big beast of self-promotion and how we can overcome our social anxiety.

Okay! Let's jump on in!

Brave Take-Aways

For some reason I was intrigued by Bridgette's encouragement to seek out feedback. So your Brave Take-Away from today's show is to take some serious steps towards receiving a new kind of feedback.

What area of your life or business have you been trying to "get better at?" Who feels like a safe person to give you some honest feedback? Your challenge today is to seek out that feedback. Either via email, social media, or by way of grabbing some coffee. I really want to encourage you to find a new kind of feedback about the bravery you're putting out into the world.

Bridgette and I would love to hear all about your favorite parts of today's Bare Naked Bravery. You can find Bridgette Mayer and myself on facebook, twitter, instagram, and more. Go ahead and tag us so we can cheer you on and see what you're up to.

In today's shownotes you'll also find a link to purchase Bridgette's book "The Art Cure" (http://amzn.to/2ghghR3) It's a quick, beautiful, and insightful glimpse into more of her story. Those show notes can be found by going to barenakedbravery.com

Keep in Touch with Bridgette Mayer


I'm looking forward to being with you next week. We have some great things in store for you! 

Until then I have one message for you. It's this:

Be yourself. Be vulnerable. Be brave. Because the world needs more of your Bare Naked Bravery.


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