027: Breaking Russian Code, Public Speaking & Comfort Zones with THOMAS O'GRADY, PHD

Breaking Russian code, public speaking & comfort zones with Thomas OGrady, PHD

Today we get to talk with Thomas O'Grady. We start out today's conversation with a short story of the moment our guest broke Russian/Chinese Code. Thomas is a scholar and a supremely excellent mathematician. Now, before you roll your eyes and tell me how much you hate to do math and don't understand it, let me just tell you that Dr. O'Grady, explains it all so beautifully and in a way that anchors the math in so much meaning.

Today we talk about making changes in your life, setting expectations for yourself, and how to continue to adjust your goals as you attain them. Thomas shares stories about his experience as a Soviet Intelligence Operative, his determination during his education, and his fear of public speaking. His advice for public speaking? Don't go to Toastmasters. 

Several weeks ago, we published our conversation with violinist Hal Grossman where he and I talked all about stage fright and performance anxiety. This conversation with Thomas O'Grady is a perfect follow up, especially for those of us who love the analytics of life and comfort zones. 

Brave Take-Aways

Okay, so beyond the Bare Naked Bravery Adult Coloring Book, your Brave Take-Away from today's show is to take a listen to a couple of my favorite episodes of Thomas' podcast called Life Unsettled... 


We'd love to hear all about your favorite parts of today's Bare Naked Bravery. You can find Thomas O'Grady and myself on facebook, twitter, instagram, and more. Go ahead and tag us so we can cheer you on and see what you're up to.


I'm looking forward to being with you next week. We have some great things in store for you! 

Until then I have one message for you. It's this:

Be yourself. Be vulnerable. Be brave. Because the world needs more of your Bare Naked Bravery.


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