003: Breakups & Make Ups with EMILY ROSE

Breakups & Make Ups with EMILY ROSE

In today's episode we talk with Emily Rose who is a bestselling author and breakup coach. I know her through a couple author groups I'm a part of and invited her today because I'm no fool. Breaking up is hard to do. And a lot of bravery is required for it.

Emily Rose's mission is to help people to not wake up on their death and ask, “What did I just do with my life?” Asking the question, "What am I doing with my life?" in the present tense is what breakups are all about. and it doesn't matter what or who you're breaking up with.

I'm looking forward to asking her opinion about all this and so much more. and hopefully getting some helpful advice for how to have bravery in the midst of breakups.

Let's jump on in!

Listener Questions

Amber: How do you reconcile leaving someone who you know is no longer serving your higher good when you know that leaving them will completely derail their life?

Brittany: How do you move on when you know the relationship is over but still feel emotionally attached to the person?

Andrew: What's the best way to breakup with someone? with a job? with a friend group?


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