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Ambassador Application FAQ's

Why is your Ambassador Program so awesome?

After applying and being approved, our Ambassadors receive a 20% commission for every purchase of any product on our website made through their unique Ambassador referral link. These products include ongoing student enrollment, one-time coaching packages, digital products, or products/services offered by our guest faculty.

For example... As of Jan 1st, 2020, if you refer just 3 new students to enroll at the CORE-level, for as long as they stay enrolled, this means you'd receive about $100/month. Heck yes for passive/residual income!


Who qualifies as an Ambassador of The School of Bravery?

Well... we don't approve just anyone as an Ambassador. We're partial to folks who understand the in's and out's of the kind of bravery we advocate for our students. For example, if you are a current or former student, you have a high chance of being approved as an Ambassador.

Additionally, any previous client of Emily Ann Peterson (our founder) has a high chance of getting their application approved too! But if neither of those describes you, we still encourage you to apply and explain why you're a good fit to be our cheerleader.


Why does this program exist?

  1. Let's be honest. We'd rather give our marketing budget to *you* than to some mega-media conglomerate for their paid advertising.
  2. We practice what we preach. Bravery is needed, worth it, and contagious. We also know that bravery can feel easier. Therefore, the more people who can help us spread the word, the better!


If my application is approved, what next?

  • After submitting your application form, you'll receive a link to schedule your application call with our founder.
  • Applicants who are accepted into our Ambassador program will receive an email with a secret link to agree to our terms & conditions and submit their tax ID information (for everyone's bookkeeping sanity.)
  • This will prompt our robot assistants to email your Ambassador link via your username and password.
  • You'll also get instant access to our Ambassador Success Resource Guide which includes your next steps, best practices, graphics, and social media resources.


If I'm accepted into the Ambassador program, how do I know I won't sound spammy to my people? I want to be authentically honest and a valuable asset to my people. 

Yeah, we don't love MLM's either. This Ambassador program is not that. If you've been approved, that means we already trust that you won't be received as skeezy or spammy by your friends/family/audiences.

  1. Our Ambassador applicants receive a 1-on-1 call with Emily Ann Peterson. You can ask any questions or mention any hesitations at that time.
  2. You'll get access to our Ambassador Success Resource Guide which includes your next steps, best practices, graphics, and social media resources.
  3. Our Ambassador Success Resource Guide also includes swipe copy that you can modify/include in your emails or text messages to your friends/family/audiences.
  4. If you have additional questions, we'll hold your hand the entire time!


Okay, I'm ready! How do I apply?!

Awesome! We can't wait to read through your application! Get started by applying now!

Are you a fan of The School of Bravery?

Do you want everyone you love to be brave too?

Awesome! We want that too!

Become an official ambassador of The School of Bravery and we want to be your cheerleader too!