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Our online community forums are where all the action happens! Weekly Office Hours, bravery brags, event RSVP's, book clubs, community discussion and so so so much more!

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OfficeHours-phone-14-editedOffice Hours

Bravery is not a solo expedition. Office Hours are your opportunity to get the weekly support you need for your bravery. Every Wednesday!

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two-women-hugging-in-swimming-pool-editedBravery Boosts

Bravery is celebrating, even the little things! Our community can be found here regularly bragging on themselves, sharing a shoutout, and cheering each other on with new feats of bravery! 

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Anti-Racism Book Circle - SchoolofBravery.comAnti-Racism Book Circle

Monthly on the 3rd Fridays at 10 am CST — Bravery is ending systemic racism. Our monthly book circle exists to: hold each other accountable to the work of anti-racism, listen to our unique perspectives, and change racism starting from within ourselves first.

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Courageous Creatives Book Circle - SchoolofBravery.comCourageously Creative Book Club

Join the Waiting List Here! — Bravery is expanding freedom of expression. This group of like-minded creatives meets weekly to discuss their creative careers, the practicalities of making money with art, and the bravery of putting yourself out there as an artist in any form or industry.

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Rest & Rekindle Book Circle - Simplero Product ImageAnti-Hustle Book Club

Join the Waiting List Here! — Bravery is doing things differently. Our society expects increasingly high amounts of productivity and hustle, but that's a sure-fire highway to burn-out, overwhelm, overwork, and generally frazzled.

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