Business & Career Coaching 

for entrepreneurs suffering with the effects of trauma


(i.e. domestic violence, developmental trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences/ACEs, Adverse Organizational Experiences/AOE's, Adverse Religious Experiences/AREs or Religious Trauma Syndrome/RTS)


My name is Emily Ann Peterson (she/her). 

I'm a trauma-informed business coach for those suffering from the long-term effects of trauma. 

I help my clients dismantle the undue influence of their trauma through the practice of empowered business decisions. I believe that the economic structure paying your bills can be a daily practice of either unintentional harm or very intentional healing for yourself and your customers/clients. 

Here are a few ways my clients and I often spend time together...

  • smoothing out business trigger points
  • finding their recipe for replenishing bravery
  • creating templates for sustainable & creative growth 
  • building ethical marketing maps that don't feel icky

If any of that resonates with you, I'd love to chat about working together. I'm ready whenever you are!

Please note: Although I work with those who've experienced all kinds of trauma (big T or little t) my life experience makes me exceptionally well-suited to help others with religious trauma. 



Your business doesn't have to feel triggering, overwhelming, and scary.

Your business can support and empower your continued recovery from trauma. 

Business + Trauma?!

Trauma comes with mental, physical, emotional, and financial effects that are often long-term or even permanent. It can take an extremely long time for a survivor to acknowledge that they experienced trauma and even longer to understand and repair the damage. 

Entrepreneurs are *already* at risk for:

  • depression 
  • self-worth issues
  • chronic anxiety & panic attacks
  • addiction 
  • ADHD
  • bi-polar disorder
  • hypertension/heart disease
  • joint & circulation problems
  • sleep disorders, insomnia
  • vision-related problems
  • migraines
  • sexual or erectile dysfunction
  • hormone suppression

Trauma puts them even *more* at risk for:

  • kindling (exponentially escalating mental health crises with progressively less extreme triggers and shorter periods of time between crises)
  • hypertension/heart disease, diabetes, obesity
  • stroke, cancer, autoimmune diseases 
  • addiction, self-medicating, self-numbing
  • chronic anxiety & panic attacks
  • sleep disorders, night terrors, insomnia, hyper-arousal
  • easily agitated or angered, extreme startle reflex
  • disassociation, over intellectualizing, monotonous voice, spacey
  • cognitive disfunction, poor memory, trouble speaking 
  • excessive or inappropriate guilt
  • intrusive thoughts or memories, flashbacks
  • obsessive and/or compulsive tendencies
  • self-injury, self-harm, high-risk behaviors

Sources: National Center for Biotechnology Information, World Psychiatry, PsychCentral

Emily Ann Peterson - photo by Rah Foard (2 of 69)

Am I uniquely qualified to be *your* business coach?

I've got credentials.

  • CTSS, Certified Trauma Support Specialist (Int'l Trauma Institute)
  • ACT, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Coach (Int'l Association of Therapists)
  • PFA, Psychological First Aid (John Hopkins University)
  • SDGS, Small Business Development Goals (Int'l Council for Small Biz)
  • Member (Global Center for Religious Research)

I've got the degrees.

  • BBA, Bachelors in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship (Texas Tech Univ. '07)
  • MBA, Masters in Business Administration (Univ. of Wyoming, '22)
  • Graduate Minor in Gender & Women's Studies (Univ. of Wyoming, '22)

I'm a survivor and I still struggle. I understand the daily implications of trauma recovery, especially for a business owner. This is why I continue to "do my own work" with a team of therapists, coaches, medical professionals, and ongoing training as a survivor of:

  • religious trauma (exvangelical)
  • an eating disorder
  • academic sexual assault
  • and whatever you'd call being a woman in the music industry

I wrote a book. I can't believe it some days either, LOL, but it's true... I wrote a #1 Amazon bestselling book called Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous. The research for that began as a top-rated podcast by the same name. 

I've got IRL business experience. In the throes of the 2008 recession, I launched a soon-to-be-booming business as a full-time professional cellist and cello teacher. I was naive. I made all the mistakes and learned how to turn lemons into a musically delicious (and fun!) lemonade stand.

To this day, I've never had a 9-to-5 job. But Fortune500's and startups hire me as a corporate speaker and consultant, despite my arms covered being covered in tattoos, so that's cool!

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A La Carte Coaching

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Bravery Coaching your chance to get 1-on-1 attention with our founder, Emily Ann Peterson. You'll gain a new perspective on your courage while she helps your feats of bravery feel like a total breeze!

These sessions are perfect if you're seeking regular support or preparing for a product launch, large campaign, creating templates for endless ease, or enduring a really overwhelming season of bravery.

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Recurring Coaching & Classes (most popular!)

$185-$400 , via Zoom

Enrolled students of The School of Bravery get access to the following awesomeness on a month-to-month commitment:

  • monthly or weekly 1:1 coaching sessions 
  • twice monthly group coaching
  • access to all book club meetings
  • full access to our Slack group,
  • plus, discounts on additional offerings

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Tidying Sessions

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Feeling like you're gonna drown? Do you need some tidying before things feel easier?

A Tidying Session is just that. You tidy up your business while I tidy up my home! You get 45 minutes via phone to tidy up your biggest (or most annoying) brave business questions & conundrums.

It's simple: choose your price, then schedule and show up for your session via phone!

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Clients Are Saying...

Emily Ann Peterson

Emily Ann is a straight-talker with a smile. Finding your voice is not an easy thing. Self-promotion is even stickier. Put the two together and, if you’re like me, you’ve created the perfect storm of overwhelming. Emily has a rock-solid understanding of all things self-promotion, as well as an uncanny ability to break down even the most intimidating hurdles into manageable action items.

If I am working with someone, I don’t want to just get sweet-talked. I wanted someone who is insightful AND unflinchingly honest, even if it means calling me out on my own self-sabotage - whether it’s denial, procrastination or emotional roadblocks. I know that I can count on Emily Ann to tell it to me straight. And usually, she smiles while she does this, which of course means I don’t even catch on at first to how she is totally calling me out. I love this.

This makes me get to the heart of the matter so much more quickly, whether it’s honing in on the goals of a project or trying hard to see something through to the end. If I need a hand zeroing in on a goal or needing a plan as to how to break down a project into manageable action items, I call Emily Ann.”

singer-songwriter, Etsy shop, maker of felt woodland creatures!

Emily Ann Peterson

“I joined The School of Bravery after Emily Ann gave me a website audit. I was so excited, inspired, and motivated that it was really a no-brainer. I enjoy the format of the masterclasses and the opportunities to be interactive. But the book club was probably my favorite because I'm an author and love books, and I enjoyed getting other perspectives on the readings and activities. I've discovered a whole new creative outlet from the book club!" "Doing brave things is easier now because I can recognize when I'm procrastinating, resisting or just plan scared.

author & teacher


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