Weekly CoWorking Parties

Free & Open to the Public! 

(swimming pool & palm trees optional)


Weekly on Thursdays 
12:30 pm Eastern / 11:30 am Central / 9:30  am Pacific

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What's a CoWork Party?

Join us weekly via Zoom to get productive for 90-min with some online accountability from fellow brave souls!

This weekly event is a space for anyone who needs it. Together, we practice our bravery, connect with each other, get stuff done, and feel just a little bit more empowered to, you know, be BRAVE!


What happens during a CoWorking Party?

Each gathering starts with a quick time to share and check-in with individual objectives for our time together.

Then we stay on the call, but turn off our video and audio so we can stay accountable to getting stuff done!

Got questions? More info here.

1. Bravery Brags
Celebrate and cheer each other on! This is your chance to practice bragging on yourself. (Something we don't often get a chance to do in public!)
2. Get Stuff Done
The majority of our time together is spent working on individual tasks while checking in occasionally to keep everyone on track and focused.
3. Resonant Shoutouts
Know someone who inspired you to be brave recently? Tell us about them! We want to hear all about it!
4. Announcements
A small amount of time is reserved for updates and PSA's related to our School of Bravery Community.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are these weekly meetings held?

At the moment, every Thursday at 12:30 pm Eastern / 11:30 am Central / 9:30 am Pacific. Join us via the form below for any updates or changes to that weekly time.

I can't stay the whole time/I might be late. Can I hop in and out of the Zoom call?

Absolutely! Our Zoom settings automatically mute your audio so that you won't accidentally disturb anyone if we're in the middle of a work sprint.

Who's invited?

This event is open to anyone over the age of 18 who RSVP's via the form below! Other than that, if you've got a to-do list, then you'll fit right in! 

Note: Our community believes that bravery can be learned by anyone — regardless of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, relationship or marital status, citizenship, disability, criminal history, or political views. 

What happens at a Work Party/Accountability Group?

We reserve this 90-min online gathering for quick bravery brags, sharing our personal goals for our time together, and any shoutouts or School of Bravery announcements.

Show up ready to take action and get bravely productive with your to-do list! Housework, errands, business admin, client projects... Whatever it is, this is the time we can keep you accountable to crossing it all off your to-do list!

Together, we practice our bravery, connect with each other, and feel just a little bit more empowered to, you know, be BRAVE!

Are Work Parties held online?

Yep! We meet via the Zoom link sent out via email. There are 100 seats available for each meeting. Early birds get the worm!

I'm under 18. Are kids allowed?

We need more kids to brave! Kids are our future! However, this is an 18+ event and unaccompanied minors sadly can't attend. Why? Partly for legal reasons and mostly for freedom of expression reasons. The bravery required in the world is often centered around adult topics or involves language that might offend sensitive ears. If you're under 18, we'd love to have you join us as long as you've got your consenting adult present.

Will you try to sell me something if I attend?

This is not a "secret webinar." Gross. We hate those. That said, because this is a community meeting, there's a short bit of time during each meeting for School of Bravery announcements. Of course, you're welcome to join us beyond this weekly event. However,  the point of this time is to practice our personal bravery by being productive, together!

What if I'm nervous about meeting new people?

Many of us are misfits ourselves, so we understand how it feels to be new or feel different. We are also big believers in 1) creative courage 2) honesty and 3) starting from your strength (aka your comfort zone.) For those nervous about meeting up with strangers online via Zoom, that's completely understandable! Guess what? Participation includes listening and observing. ;-) You're welcome to turn off your audio or video and only participate via the chat feature.

FYI - We're really chill and will likely wear pajamas for this event.

I'd like to stay anonymous. Is that okay?

Short answer, yes. We completely understand the need to stay incognito. Seasons of bravery put each of us in a variety of different constraints and our community gets it.

If you'd like to stay anonymous, just make sure to change your Zoom name *before* joining the Work Party.

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