Artist's Way

12 Weeks to Your Bravest Creativity

Join fellow creative visionaries to adventure through the 12-week cult classic, The Artist's Way, written by Julia Cameron -- with additional group coaching and instruction by Emily Ann Peterson, songwriter & author of bestselling Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous.

Who's Invited:

  • all students of The School of Bravery
  • artists, musicians, writers, dancers, creatives
  • anyone craving a boat-load of creative & spiritual fulfillment
  • seekers of inspiration to overcome fear & other creative inhibitions

What's Included:

  • Daily Morning Pages: unearth your raw creative power with 30 minutes of uncensored writing
  • Weekly Artist Dates: nurture your creative consciousness with a excursion/play date
  • Weekly Group Coaching: 90 minutes of discussion, group coaching, and support with your fellow group members
  • Private Facebook Group: celebrate & collaborate throughout the week
  • PLUS! Everything in the DIY Enrollment Level of The School of Bravery! Woah!

What You'll Need:

  • your copy of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way
  • a desktop computer or mobile device for the weekly Zoom calls
  • a pen/pencil
  • lots of blank paper

What You'll Get:

  • guided support through a revolutionary program from the worlds' foremost authority on the creative process (Julia Cameron)
  • access to a courageous community of like-minded creative people
  • weekly group coaching with Emily Ann Peterson, bestselling author of "Bare Naked Bravery" & founder of The School of Bravery
  • hundreds of exercises & activities proven highly effective to boosting your creativity and overall wellness

About Your Facilitator

Emily Ann Peterson

Founder, Masterclasses & Group Coaching

Nashville, TN

Singer-songwriter, teaching artist, and #1 bestselling author of the book Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous, Emily Ann Peterson is best known by her fans, clients, and students for her uncanny ability to melt down difficult, throat-clenching stories and challenges into easy, step-by-step breaths of fresh air. 

  • Trusted By "The Big Guys": Fortune500 companies, executives, and tech startups hire her as a consultant, coach, and speaker.
  • Street Smarts, meet Book Smarts: 15 years of successful creative entrepreneurship began with a degree in business management.
  • Life PhD in First Impressions: Surviving & recovering from an eating disorder gives her the empathy and skills to help others minimize the stress of "putting yourself out there."
  • Her Secret Sauce? Songwriting! She can take a complicated, yet crucial subject (like bravery) and synthesize it into a compelling and easy experience!

Her clients and students will tell you she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to their life, career, and creativity.

Emily Ann Peterson profile picture.JPG

How It Works & A Note From Emily Ann:

Welcome to The Artist's Way! It is THE most life-altering book I've ever read. It's not really a book though. It's a full-tilt workbook with soul-healing deep dives aimed at recovering the creativity we've long forgotten.

This experience is not for the faint-of-heart. You'll need to commit a significant amount of time to the process. There is homework. There will be moments of discomfort & elation. It is all so worth it!

The School of Bravery is VERY similar. It's a learning lab for creative visionaries to apply new skills to their life, career, and creativity. We meet regularly for masterclasses, office hours, guest expert trainings, and much more. By participating in this offering of The Courageous Artist's Way, you'll get access to everything in the DIY enrollment level!

Pairing the two experiences together just makes sense. The kind of sense that will make you say, "DUH!" 

If you're already a student, you're automagically enrolled! Simply log in to your student portal! Yay!

If you're not a student, then you can choose to *only* do The Courageous Artist's Way or participate in everything else in The School of Bravery also. Up to you! Whatever experience fits your current season of bravery is just fine! After enrolling, you'll receive your welcome emails, login credentials, and all your next steps.

Beyond that, there will be LOADS of support available from myself and your fellow creatives who are right there with you! 

The effort is SO worth it! Tapping into your creativity doesn't have to feel like a slog. This could be the most abundant, beneficial, life-changing decision you've made, perhaps in your whole life. (I don't say that lightly, believe me.)

Your life will never be the same.

See you in class! xoxo!

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Your registration for The *Courageous* Artist's Way includes DIY enrollment in The School of Bravery!


This includes: 

- Additional Group Coaching Sessions - 

- Weekly Office Hours -

- Access to Our Community FB Group - 

- Plus Guest Faculty Events & Content too! -


Chapters & Meetings

Join us weekly for 13 weeks, starting May 13th!

Two Weekly Meetings To Choose From...

  • 10 am Central (UTC-5) Wednesdays 
  • 7 pm Central (UTC-5) Wednesdays

The times were selected to accommodate convenience in Europe, US, Canada, and Australia. Use this tool to do the correct time zone math.

Every call is recorded for those unable to attend live. However, live attendance is strongly encouraged, for your benefit.


Basic Tools & Principles
Chapter 1
Recovering a Sense of Safety
Chapter 2
Recovering a Sense of Identity
Chapter 3
Recovering a Sense of Power
Chapter 4
Recovering a Sense of Integrity
Chapter 5
Recovering a Sense of Possibility
Chapter 6
Recovering a Sense of Abundance
Chapter 7
Recovering a Sense of Connection
Chapter 8
Recovering a Sense of Strength
Chapter 9
Recovering a Sense of Compassion
Chapter 10
Recovering a Sense of Self-Protection
Chapter 11
Recovering a Sense of Autonomy
Chapter 12
Recovering a Sense of Faith


Registration Closes May 20th

Limited Seats Available!


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