Student Archetypes

Which beginning bravery student sounds like you?


Pivoting Parker / Day-Job Dylan

Changing industries, shifting clientele, new job

Scared to lose the comfort of the present

Uncertain of the next season or steps forward

Desires a long-term plan for the future


Often says… 

“I know where I want to be but don’t know how to get there.”

Fake Frances / Double Life Dale

Tired of wearing masks, Ready to be your real self

Pushing too hard & fed up with the mirage

Anxiety about things you can’t control

Craves authenticity & heart-centered living


Often says… 

“I’m just tired of living two lives.”

Transition Tony / Flux Flynn

Massive life change is looming (health, family, relationship, etc.)

Goals are on hold because of external realities or internal issues.

Unsure of next season

Exhausted but deep-down knows now is not the time to give up.


Often says… 

“I don’t like where I am, but I don’t know where I want to be.”

Bashful Blair / Standstill Stevie

Has a really cool “thing” to offer (book, course, product, service, etc.)

But hates or feels lost with self-promotion

Not living up to full potential and knows it

Missing out on opportunities due to second-guessing self


Often says… 

“Every day I wait is a betrayal of myself.”

Crisis Carey / Victimized Val

Depression, adrenal fatigue & high stress levels

Feeling defeated/victimized by own doing

Current business/life is in perpetual crisis

Lack of Balance: Wants a vacation or ready to give it all up

Needs outlet for expression to find inner strength


Often says… 

“If things don’t change, this is gonna be the end of me.”

"Putting yourself out there" doesn't have to feel so. stinkin'. tough.

Bravery *can* feel easier.


You can navigate your life, career, and creativity toward a keenly executed vision for the future with authenticity & agility


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