Your Rights & Responsibilities

(last updated August 2020)

Enrolling as a student (or coaching client) implies your acknowledgment, understanding, and agreement to our Terms, including our Student Agreement. With this comes additional (mutual) responsibilities...

  1. COMPASSION You are responsible for staying open-minded, inclusive, curious, and adaptable. You are responsible for learning new things and sharing criticism constructively. You have the responsibility to practice kindness, show patience for learning curves, and act compassionately. All this applies to yourself, our staff, and others in our community.
  2. RESPECT. You have the responsibility to honor the rights mentioned in your Student Agreement for yourself and your community members. You have the responsibility of showing up on time as an act of honor for yourself and others in our community.  If you notice someone might be struggling, hurting, unsafe, you have a responsibility to seek the most respectful method to care for everyone involved.
  3. INTEGRITY. You are responsible for practicing your bravery with authenticity and honesty. We conduct ourselves with honor and honesty even in the most challenging times. We understand the need to adhere to safety guidelines and following protocols. The true test is what we choose to do when no one else is present to hold us accountable. Practically, this includes adhering to The School of Bravery’s student agreement, website terms, and conditions, making payments on time. This also includes respecting the boundaries of yourself and other community members. 
  4. SELF-RELIANCE. You have the responsibility to use your own power, curiosity, and resourcefulness. You are in the driver’s seat of your own student experience. We can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do, but you’ll get the most value out of your enrollment and our community by being prepared and using the resources available to seeking solutions to your questions or problems.  For instance, if you can’t attend a group event live, it is your responsibility to watch the replay before it expires in 30-days. You have the responsibility to schedule your private coaching sessions, and keep those appointments or reschedule them per the terms in your Student Agreement.  Note: Asking for help or clarification is an act of self-reliance.
  5. COMMUNAL EFFORT. You are responsible for co-creating your student experience. This includes but is not limited to collaborating with fellow students, engaging in group discussion, communicating authentically with integrity, and providing your coach with as much relevant information as possible. You are responsible for ensuring the delivery of support and services are accurate and complete. Students are encouraged to speak up and let staff know about any unexpected happenings, reservations, technical difficulties, additional needs, and especially any new or revised bravery goals. Improvements or changes can’t be made if we do not know about them.
  6. PARTICIPATION. You have the responsibility to show up, speak up, and stay engaged.  The School of Bravery is not a “spectator sport.” The more you participate, the more you stand to gain. We achieve being by doing. Everyone is invited to practice, play, and explore their bravery. This applies to group Zoom calls, our community forum, private coaching sessions, and weekly office hours. If you’re unable to attend an event, you are responsible for participating by submitting your questions in advance or watching the replay video. Note: You have the responsibility for this kind of participation, even if this means declining an invitation or redefining boundaries.  You’re encouraged to make your desires known or personal boundaries clear by communicating with your coach or the facilitator of the group as soon as possible.
  7. IMMEDIACY. You have a responsibility to use your power of choice. You have a responsibility to make a continuously active choice to be a present participant. You have a responsibility to take action for your responsibilities within a reasonable amount of time.  Conscious and consistent practice of bravery is often rewarded with timely and measurable results.