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Dear Mental Health Professional,

Hi, my name is Emily Ann Peterson. I'm a trauma-informed business coach for survivors coping with the long-term effects of trauma. My mission is to use the tools of commerce (not capitalism) to dismantle the cycles of oppression & trauma.

Occasionally, I work with mental healthcare providers like you too. This page contains self-hosted and outside resources that I frequently reference while working with helpers and healers in your industry. 

These resources are freely available to you & here's why:
  1. I believe that your business can mirror and support you with the same ease and skill that you give to your clients. I also believe that boosting your business and career has an exponentially positive effect on resolving the world's trauma. Yes please!
  2. You're my people! I'm always game to get nerdy about mental health!
  3. For anti-rape culture and trauma-sensitive reasons, I don't believe in requiring an email address in exchange for ".pdf freebies." Of course, you're welcome to consensually join our non-spammy newsletter here whenever you'd like. :-)

Bottom-line: THANK YOU for the work you do! I often refer to it as "the heavy-lifting" of trauma healing! You deserve all the vacations! 

There's so much more where all of this came from, so if you ever want to schedule a coffee or networking chat, I'd absolutely be down for that! 

~ Emily Ann Peterson

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Should you or your clients work with me?

You decide! Here's a brief overview of my work & my method

When you're ready, you can send them to our homepage.

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  1. I'm not a therapist. I'm a business consultant and coach. In fact, depending on the situation, it's not abnormal that I ask a new client find a therapist in addition to working with me. This allows our coaching session to remain focused on a client's present life and optimizing their business. We spend most of the time talking about factors that contribute to this work.
  2. "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." This is semi-popular business saying which 100% applies here too. For many of my new clients, it's the never-ending, trauma-fueled treadmill of entrepreneurship (going at the speed of SURVIVAL) that's causing all the problems in their business. Self-sabotage, avoidance, procrastination, financial feast/famine, you name it! They know they love their work, but know they can't run like this forever. YIKES. 
  3. I introduce my clients to methods of discovering their autonomy and ease. We (re)construct their business to work for them, not against them. The goal is owning a business that does no harm for everyone, including the business owner. Together, my clients and I get to explore using all the business building tools (including the non-triggered and triggered side of each) to create a business that spreads ease and joy for all involved! 
  4. My clients always remain in the driver's seat. I'll sit wherever they want me to in the metaphorical car or race-track. I deeply value autonomy and consent. As a result, my coaching relationships are generally laid-back and low-pressure
  5. My role is to introduce alternative decision-making skills and help my clients apply these to their business. Ultimately, both the client and I want their business to operate in such a way that it stops the re-triggering and re-creation of old trauma. I know this is possible, because I've seen it happen so many times with other clients!
  6. Every client is unique. This work is not a 6-session-only process or an endless 12-step program. Parts of a clients process might feel experimental or like trying on shoes. Some parts might feel tender, others might be really fun and hilarious.
  7. Results do not happen overnight. For example, Spring of 2020 was one client's best quarter of business ever, by a loooong shot. Here's the catch though, this happened *only* because we had invested the previous two years diligently automating every inch of their online business "for such a time as this." (Our reasons were to prevent burnout and allow their partner to quit their job. But hey, a pandemic is a convincing reason too.)
  8. I walk the talk and apply these skills to my own business, because I'm a trauma survivor too. For example, I don't do "sales calls" & I deeply value financial accessibility.
  9. I'm continually adding to my education, credentials and other certifications. I know "trauma-informed" is an increasingly popular buzzword. Some days it seems like every well-intentioned practitioner of [insert modality here] with a TikTok account is adding "trauma-informed" to their website. THAT IS NOT ME. 
Oh, and you should probably know:
I've got strong feelings about bravery.  ;-)

Coaching Offerings

for Therapists, Counselors, Social Workers, Helpers & Healers

Looking for a place to send your clients? Send them here. :-)

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Website Audits
Even the most well-meaning and highly-educated mental health professionals can easily find themselves using language and business practices that trigger or repel their ideal clinical client. A website audit combines your expertise and knowledge of your clients with Emily Ann Peterson's specialty in marketing + trauma, consumer behavior, and ethical business best practices. More info here.
Ethical Marketing Circles (coming soon!)
This monthly online meetup is for therapists, counselors, social workers, and other mental health practitioners to discuss a range of topics around running ethical, trauma-informed, financially accessible client practices. Reserve your seat for a full year or drop in as you're able. More info here.
The Client Calculator
a fierce little bundle of reusable digital worksheets for pricing decisions, time management woes & financial strategy support. Client-based financial stuff can make it tricky to find your business bravery. One solution for this is to get the nerdy number work done for you! More info here.
A La Carte Business Coaching
If you're facing a season of bravery in your mental health practice and would like business coaching support, either one-time or ongoing, this will likely be your best bet amongst our offerings. Mental Health practitioners curious about this offering can schedule a Meet-N-Greet to get the ball rolling with a super chill, no-strings-attached coffee chat. More info here.

Podcast Episodes

Our podcast, Bare Naked Bravery, featured some truly wonderful people over the years. I've collected some of the episodes which I think mental health helpers and healers like you might *particularly* enjoy. ;-)

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Articles & Other Online Resources

for Brave Mental Health Helpers & Healers

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under construction! come back soon for more or send me an email if you see something missing!


Mental Health Industry

HIIPA Training Materials (US Dept of Health & Human Services)
The Therapy App Fantasy (The Cut, 3/2021)
Children & Trauma, .pdf (American Psychological Association, 2008)


Religious Trauma

Discounts & Coupons for Mental Health Practitioners

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Psst! It takes time and money to make this kind of content for you. I'm happy to do it, but with *some* of the links provided (not all) I offset some of my and my team's time investment through affiliate programs. You can bet your butt the apps and tools below are vetted by us! Keep in mind that not every tool fits every person and if you'd like assistance pick the right technology for you and your business, we're here for you, too! In the meantime, please enjoy!

Stock Images

If you do any blogging or use images for your business, you'll probably need images that aren't being used by everyone else in the world. It helps set you a part from everyone else. Sometimes stock images is the way to go for this (especially when you don't want to go traipsing through your neighborhood posing in front of murals). This link will get you a $30 card when you sign up for an annual image of footage subscription for Shutterstock, cool!

Printed Business Goods

I really love this place and they do so much more than just stickers: labels, buttons, packaging, coasters, gift cards, wall graphics (uh, hello inspirational wall quotes! freshen up that Zoom background!) Plus, their email list sends out almost daily discounts on a particular deal. This link will get you a $10 credit for your first order at Sticker Mule, yay!

Other Apps & Subscriptions for Ease

If you're looking for ways to make your life easier on a daily basis, here are some other options that might help:

  • Audible | for getting stuff done around the house *and* getting your reading list taking care of! Plus, your first book as a member could be Bare Naked Bravery!
  • Kindle Unlimited | If you're a voracious reader and need some help on that in your budget, you'll want unlimited eBooks on your eReader device. Duh!
  • CleanMyMac | Removes hidden system junk files. Performs in-depth malware checks. Uninstall apps, for good. Find large, old files.
  • | Automate traffic to your website by creating 12 months of social media content with every blog post.
  • Trello | The easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything.
  • Streak | The only CRM that plugs directly into your Gmail inbox. A total lifesaver for those doing DIY publicity & booking!
  • Audiogram | Share audio snippets with your social media followers!
  • OmmWriter | This app makes it suuuuper easy to focus on just writing and nothing else. Plus, they have a mobile version too!

Handy Apps & Software for Mental Health Professionals

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  • DSM-5 Diagnostic CriteriaAvailable for iOS & Android—This is the official DSM-5® app and it includes up-to-date access to ICD-10-CM codes, video commentary, and a lot more.
  • PAR toolkitAvailable for iOS & Android—This digital toolkit includes tools to help psychologists  administer standardized assessments.
  • Medication GuideAvailable for iOS & Android—The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records.
  • DepressionAvailable for iOS—this app includes at least 6 different scales of measurement that can make it easy to access the information needed to assess, treat, and manage your patients' depression and anxiety.
  • uDictateAvailable for iOS—This dictation app was designed specifically for professionals in the medical and legal fields and includes some pretty rad features.
  • APA MonitorAvailable for iOS & Android—Stay in-the-know about what's going on in psychology by finding all of APA's latest content here, including the Monitor on Psychology, podcasts, news and more.