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Break Up With Your Starving Artist Mindset, For Good

Because you're so much better than that, so take this webinar with Emily Ann Peterson and get the holistic financial permission you've been waiting for!

Tools of Technology to Automate Your Creative Career

Because you can't do everything all the time, so take this webinar with Emily Ann Peterson and get over $450 exclusive offers & coupons!

Use The Fear, Get What You Want

Because fear is a good thing and using it wisely is the only thing standing in your way, so take this webinar with Emily Ann Peterson to learn how to unclog your creative courage!

Moving Your Music Biz Online

Because pandemics and quarantines ask for feats of bravery from some of us, so listen to this bonus interview & training with Erin Mae Lewis, guest faculty and get the basics of how to make it happen for you too!

How to Grow Your Bravery By Balancing Curiosity & Discomfort

Because being brave isn't gonna feel like a basket of flowers every second, so listen to this bonus interview with Ashton Szabo, guest faculty to learn how to balance that feeling of discomfort!

How to Use Meditation to Find Empowerment, Stillness & Imagination 

Because you need calm, peace, connection, abundance, and the freakin' answers! So listen to this bonus interview & training with Kate Fontana, guest faculty to learn the benefits available to you! 

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Bonus interviews with podcast guests, guest experts, and other awesome trainings with people you won't want to miss!

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