Course Summary

Guest Experts: Trainings & Interviews

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The One Thing You Need Before Taking a Big Risk - Fabienne Raphaël, business coach & athletic mentor
Amber Hawken - Guest Expert
Getting Honest: Is It Fear or Intuition? - Amber Hawken, speaker, author, therapist
Guest Expert - Kristen Kalp
The Power of Breathwork - Kristen Kalp, business coach
Discomfort & Curiosity with Yoga Teacher Trainer Ashton Szabo
Balancing Discomfort & Curiosity - Ashton Szabo, yoga teacher trainer
The Psychology of Color with Stylist Rayne Parvis
The Psychology of Color - Rayne Parvis, personal stylist
Conquering New Mediums of Social Media - Michelle Lewis
Live Streaming & Conquering New Mediums of Communication - Michelle Lewis, visibility coach
Quietly Fabulous with Susan M
Introverted Super Powers - Susan M Steele, content coach
SOB Guest Expert - Erika Olson - Practicalities of Contracts & Agreements
The Practicalities of Contracts & Agreements - Erika Amy Olson, songwriter & former attorney
SOB guest expert - Ellis Delaney - Crucial Tools for ADHD & Creativity
Crucial Tools for ADHD & Creativity - Ellis Delaney, songwriter
Finding Your 3 Word Rebellion - Michelle Mazur - Guest Expert
Finding Your 3 Word Rebellion - Dr. Michelle Mazur, market researcher & messaging coach
Guest Expert Bonus Interview - The Beauty of Conflict and Friction in Relationships - The School of Bravery
Tools for Resolving Conflict - CrisMarie Campbell & Susan Clarke
Ian Morgan Cron - The School of Bravery
Internal Reality Check Card - Ian Cron, Enneagram teacher, author, Episcopal priest & trained psychotherapist