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Anti-Burnout Book Club

Bravery is admitting you're burnt out, overwhelmed, overworked, and a little frazzled. Maybe you know you're on the highway to burnout or been there awhile? This book circle is for anyone who wants to learn how to rest, recoup, and reboot your endurance! We believe that sustainable ways to bravely make this world a better place begins from a place of camaraderie and rest.

Facilitated by Emily Ann Peterson and using concepts from her book, Bare Naked Bravery, members of this book circle get to read and discuss books, articles, or other media pieces. The goal is to gather to nourish, guide, and rejuvenate our brave resistance to a world that demands more from us every day. We do this so we can be laser-focused on the issues that need our full attention and creative passions.

Pacing: We typically go through each book one chapter each week. (Super manageable!) If you have to choose one over the other, we prefer that you show up to the group meeting, even if you haven't read the chapter that week. When a book is finished, we vote on our next book and typically take 1-2 weeks off between each book.

Membership: Commitment is on a monthly basis and membership is available in 3 levels: CLUB (book circle only), CORE (book circle, masterclasses & monthly coaching), or VIP (masterclasses and weekly coaching

Meetings: Our meetings are weekly on Wednesdays at 7 pm Central via Zoom. Replays are available to those who cannot attend live. Ongoing support and discussion are available in the dedicated channel in The School of Bravery's Slack group.

Our Next Book: Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily (PhD in health behavior) & Amelia Nagoski (DMA in conducting orchestral music)

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