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Bravery Coaching

Well hello there, brave one!

Below are a couple of FAQs about bravery coaching sessions with me here at The School of Bravery. 

But first, what is bravery coaching?

Bravery Coaching is your chance to get 1-on-1 attention with our founder, Emily Ann Peterson. In each session, you'll gain a new perspective on your courage while she helps your feats of bravery feel like a total breeze! These sessions are perfect if you're seeking regular support or preparing for a product launch, large campaign, creating templates for endless ease, or enduring a really overwhelming season of bravery. 

Who can schedule a bravery coaching session?

Coaching appointments are offered to the general public and enrolled students of The School of Bravery on a weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis.

Coaching sessions are included in your commitment as a student enrolled at the CORE (monthly sessions) or VIP (weekly) levels in The School of Bravery. 

What happens in a bravery coaching session?

Every bravery coaching session with me will look a little different depending on your ongoing needs. That said, here's a general outline of how a bravery coaching session typically is structured:

  1. We start with smiles, chit chat, and any catching up of life that needs to happen for that week/month.
  2. Then I'll ask something like "Where would you like to go today?" or "What's on your list of priorities for today's session?" 
  3. Using that answer in combination with your initial and overall client goals, we'll dive into the session together!
  4. When our time is up, you'll have tangible action items to implement before our next appointment.

What's your approach or philosophy to coaching?

You are the expert in your experience and practice of bravery. Of course, I'm honored to advise, guide, warn, and ease with solutions. And together, we'll get to brainstorm endless creative ideas... But at the end of the day, you (not me) are the one practicing bravery. 

It's for this reason that our work together is founded upon a defiant expectation that practicing bravery *can* feel easy for you. So I'll want to spend our time together discovering the methods, tools, routines, and habits that do just that. We're going to make this personal bravery practice feel as easy as possible for you.

So what works for someone else might not work for you. And an idea mentioned in a session might need to get tweaked a bit before it really fits like a glove. Our sessions together involve the same kind of experimentation that you'll need to practice your bravery. It'll be a little bit like trying on shoes to see if they fit, or throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks. Whatever doesn't stick or feel quite right can absolutely be discarded or replaced with something comfier!

What kind of topics can I bring to a coaching session?

Bravery students can bring almost anything to their session with me! I love the "out of left-field" topics, so please feel free to bring whatever feels like it needs attention. If I can't offer support in that area (i.e. medical or legal advice) I'll let you know and in most cases will have a referral to another colleague who can!

Students frequently bring problems that pop up in their business, relationships, life, or career. This could be anything from writing or self-publishing to the strategy, product launches, marketing, operations, or automation of your business. I also love helping with creating systems that support your holistic needs and pursuits.

Whatever your issue or trouble spot may be in bravery, bring it! We'll have a good time finding an easy solution for it!


~ Emily Ann Peterson

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See you soon! :-)

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