Course Summary

Interview: Grow Your Bravery By Balancing Curiosity & Discomfort

How does someone go from dropping out of high school to playing college football to becoming an international professional MMA fighter to studying yoga and living in Asia!?! Curiosity & discomfort!

Our resident yoga teacher and guest faculty member joins Emily Ann Peterson for a chat about discomfort, change, and growth! And a little story-telling session to boot!

In this FREE webinar interview with Ashton Szabo you'll learn:

  • how adventure will bring you home again
  • how your ego (or your service!) could help & hinder your growth
  • the difference between discomfort and ease
  • why you NEED discomfort & curiosity to grow your bravery 

If you'd like to befriend your avoidance and instead begin to face your fears head-on, this interview with guest faculty member Ashton Szabo is the answer!

Discomfort & Curiosity with Yoga Teacher Trainer Ashton Szabo
Bonus Interview with Ashton Szabo