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Strategy Session: Using The Friction

Bravery 101: 4 Weeks of The Basics of Bravery

Week 1 - The 3 Forms of Bravery & Reasons Why We Do Brave Things
Week 2 - How to Practice Anything & 5 Gifts of Building Bravery
Week 3 - The 12 Ingredients of Bravery
Week 4 - Connection, Community & Creating a Board of Advisors

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Using Your Constraints to Get What You Want
Enforcing & Re-Enforcing Boundaries
Using Trello to Create Automatically & Fluently
Listening to Your Gut & Improvising with Your Voice
Intuitive Conversation Skills
Goal Planning Strategy Session
Channeling Your Powers of Catastrophic Thinking for Good
Picking Your Price & Charging What You're Worth in a Homogenized World
The Defiant Expectation of Picking Irresistible Headlines & Titles
Falling in Love: Widening the Possibilities of First Impressions
Courageous Productivity: How to Improvise Efficiently
Look Before You Launch: Bravery Checklists
Your Impostor's Syndrome Toolkit


Audiobook - Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous by Emily Ann Peterson
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The Power of Breathwork - Kristen Kalp, business coach
Balancing Discomfort & Curiosity - Ashton Szabo, yoga teacher trainer
The Psychology of Color - Rayne Parvis, personal stylist
Live Streaming & Conquering New Mediums of Communication - Michelle Lewis, visibility coach
Introverted Super Powers - Susan M Steele, content coach
The Practicalities of Contracts & Agreements - Erika Amy Olson, songwriter & former attorney
Crucial Tools for ADHD & Creativity - Ellis Delaney, songwriter