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a fierce little bundle of reusable digital worksheets  for your pricing decisions, time management woes & overall financial strategies.



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If you're growing a business to support your holistic goals, and seeking tailored answers to guide growth that matters to you... 


Get the nerdy number work done for you!


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The School of Bravery's Client Calculator includes:


Each reusable worksheet is embedded with super clear, step-by-step directions. Use and reuse the spreadsheet as many times as you'd like! Just fill in the dark blue cells and the spreadsheet will auto-calculate everything for you in the light blue cells. Read more...


Peek and tweak your numbers without tweaking your back. ;-) These sandbox worksheets use auto-populated numbers from other worksheets to forecast a net income or net loss for those scenarios. This way, you'll know exactly where your business is headed. Read more...

1 PRIVATE COACHING SESSION (limited time offer!)

Meet with Emily Ann Peterson to discuss your findings, troubleshoot any pricing problems. This is a great opportunity to discuss any client-pricing or financial strategy questions that you may have. Read more...

Important Trauma Note:

Access to cold, hard facts is especially important for survivors of trauma.

Sometimes our trauma-induced decisions can have less-than-ideal consequences.

Here's how that happens: during a trauma survivor's triggered moments, the "Trauma Tadpole" brain—the amygdala—plays emergency warning sirens, but if "Memory Mona"—the hippocampus—gets overwhelmed by those sirens or stuck on a loop, then she stops presenting information or presents incorrect info to our "Notorious RBG"—the neocortex—who is responsible for making logical decisions with whatever information is available.

Empirically-proven informations makes it easier for a trauma survivor to avoid building a trauma-triggered business and instead make confident and grounded decisions.

Reliable information creates a confident, holistic, and value-based business.

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Despite how intimately an entrepreneur knows their business, their personal biases, traumas, and subsequent faulty logic can sneak in and cloud the important business decision-making.

Clouded judgment is very common and understandable, yet it contributes to those lack-of-confidence, impostor syndrome, self-sabotage, entrepreneurial moments.

It's during those moments—when we feel unanchored, scattered, unworthy, or overwhelmed—where it really helps to access the honest, hard, cold facts.

And yet, sometimes taking that honest look at your finances and business numbers can feel very scary. Those numerical deep-dives can connect us with the resources to stand confidently in our business and money decisions.

This when bravery in your business becomes crucial and worth it. 

That's why we created this Client Calculator—to make those numerical feats of bravery feel as easy and as automatic as possible.

The School of Bravery's Client Calculator spits out the numbers that can empower your business so you can more confidently reach your goals.

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How does this work? What's involved?

There are 3 steps to harnessing the numbers in these worksheets:

  1. After purchasing your client calculator (and agreeing to the terms and conditions), you'll receive an email with your login info and a link to access your digital download.
  2. Your personal copy of the client calculator is accessible via Excel or Google Sheets. To get started, navigate to the first tab (outlined below) and then...
  3. Fill in any dark blue cells and the worksheet will auto-calculate and populate your results in the light blue cells

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What's inside the 3 Calculator Worksheets?

Worksheet 1: Time Available

Start here to ensure all pieces of your calendar, available working hours, operating hours, and billable client hours are included in your pricing calculations. This worksheet also includes conditional formatting which will warn if required working hours conflict with your ideal working hours and vacation weeks.

Worksheet 2: Desired Income

Use your personal and business expenses, financial goals to easily calculate your desired income, day rate, and hourly rate—all auto-calculated! Also includes an automated budget for personal income, business income, estimated tax percentage, profit margins, savings, and expenses. 

Worksheet 3: Optimal Client/Price Range

This worksheet auto-calculates the ideal price-per-hourly-client, given the previous worksheet information, this way you'll know without a shadow of a doubt if your price can reach your annual income goals. Use the attached sandbox matrix to experiment with various pricing for a required number of clients and vice versa. 

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What's inside the 3 Strategy Sandboxes?

Strategy Sandbox 1: Multi-Pricing Client Combinations

If you've got 2 types of clients (ex: 60-min/30-min or weekly/bi-weekly) this worksheet will identify the ideal combination of those two client capacities given the time available in your calendar. Use this like a sandbox, explore with different pricing options. This will prevent over-working for underpaid results. 

Strategy Sandbox 2: Tiered Membership Pricing

Many client-based businesses prefer to charge their clients like a gym membership, tuition, or monthly subscription. This spreadsheet uses past client preferences to discover the percentage of your clients willing to purchase at various membership levels. It also uses data from previous worksheets to forecast a Net Income or Net Loss for that membership product, so you know exactly where your business is headed!

Strategy Sandbox 2: Bundled Product Pricing

If you'd like to explore what the numbers might look like for selling bundles of the same product, then this is the worksheet for you. This spreadsheet uses past client preferences to discover the percentage of your clients willing to purchase bundles or packages. You'll be able to poke around with the effect of raising your rates, promoting certain bundles over others, and more.

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