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Why I No Longer Do "Sales Calls"


This one time I was on a really intense sales call...

Somehow my ADHD procrastination that day had pulled me through a random webinar sales funnel and I was suddenly talking on the phone (gasp!) with a guy named Chad. He was pitching me the latest "life-changing" 12-week coaching "experience" that I was about to miss out on it! Oh no! ;-)

Throughout the sales call, Chad managed to do the following:

  1. blatantly ignore my lack of consent
  2. gaslit me and my experiences
  3. negged me strategically ri…

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There Will Be No Mountain for Mark Driscoll

There Will Be No Mountain for Mark Driscoll - The School of Bravery - photo by Ben Dutton

I have religious trauma.

You might already know this. I'm not that shy about it. If not, welcome. Pull up a chair and consider this your trigger warning if you need it before reading on... because buckle up y'all.

By the time I was 25, I had been a member of at *least* 16 spiritual communities, churches, faith groups, or home churches. I didn't know it then, but this high number is not abnormal for those adults with adverse religious childhood experiences.

I double-downed on Evangelicalis…

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