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Yoga Teacher Trainer, Story Teller, & Educator




Ashton Szabo - Guest Expert - The School of Bravery

About Ashton Szabo

Yoga teacher trainer, body movement expert, and perpetual student of all things spiritual. Heavily influenced by teachers like Douglas Brooks, Joseph Campbell and Alan Watts, Ashton Szabo brings a universality to his teachings that extends beyond just the realms of yoga. His concern is for the opening expansion and well-being of his students (aka bravery!) Ashton strives to help each student find what is useful for them in realizing their fullest potential. 

When not teaching yoga, you’re likely to find Ashton with his daughter and wife, in the water surfing, on the practice mat or with a book in hand. He lives and breathes his practices and is committed to a life of service and sharing the gifts of yoga.

Ashton provides our students with a monthly yoga class recording!

Bonus Interview:

How to Grow Your Bravery By Balancing Curiosity & Discomfort

How does someone go from dropping out of high school to playing college football to becoming an international professional MMA fighter to studying yoga while living in Asia? Curiosity! Our resident yoga teacher and guest faculty member joins Emily Ann Peterson for a chat about discomfort, change, and growth! And a little story-telling session to boot!

In this FREE webinar interview with Ashton Szabo you'll learn:

  • how adventure will bring you home again
  • how your ego (or your service!) could help & hinder your growth
  • the difference between discomfort and ease
  • why you NEED discomfort & curiosity to grow your bravery 

If you'd like to befriend your avoidance and instead begin to face your fears head-on, this interview with guest faculty member Ashton Szabo is the answer!



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